Experience You Can Trust

Attorney Background

Ms. McGill has an extensive and broad legal background in a variety of matters.  She uses the business degree she earned at Emory Business School in 1988 to assist business clients in formulating successful legal strategies. 

In addition to the business degree from a top 20 business school, Ms. McGill worked at the Georgia Department of Banking & Finance as a bank examiner while she earned her MBA at Kennesaw State University - Business School.  In 1991, she started at the University of Pennsylvania Law School and received her law degree in 1994.  Ms. McGill joined a nationally recognized corporate law firm in Baltimore where she represented corporations, government officials, employees, and everyday people.  Her experience at that firm included handling the defense of four wrongful death matters. 

In 1998, she joined a boutique environmental firm in Washington, DC.  There, she represented major oil and gas companies in administrative and litigation matters.

In 2001, Ms. McGill returned to Atlanta and joined a large corporate firm with a well established insurance defense practice.

In October 2002, she started her own practice in Atlanta.  Since October 2002, the practice has
expanded to Maryland, Washington, DC, and New York.   

The Client Should Be Involved in All Aspects of the Case

No matter the circumstances, I keep the client actively involved in the business transactions and their cases.  For litigation matters, clients know the facts and the desired outcome.  Therefore, they should be updated when significant activities are contemplated.  Although I cannot guarantee any specific outcome, I can guarantee cost effective representation for most budgets. 

Personal Representation

With accurate representation from a qualified personal attorney, you can face any legal issue head-on, without undue stress. I am focused and driven to try to minimize or eliminate any potential legal situations that clients may encounter.


Business Representation

If you're a business owner, it's important to employ the services of a qualified business attorney to review your corporate documents and discuss your legal risks.  One legal issue without good legal representation could significantly affect the success of your business.

Whether you're starting a business or your current business is facing a potential lawsuit, you can count on The McGill Law Firm. We'll represent you effectively and advise you on what's best for your company.

We're dedicated to achieving the best outcome for every client.

Aggressive and Effective Representation

Payment Plans are Available for Qualified Clients

The McGill Law Firm screens clients through e-mail or telephone in a 15 minute consultation.  Based on the information collected during that time, if the attorney believes she can assist you, an in person initial consultation will be scheduled.  We charge for the initial consultation because the meeting is not a sales pitch session.  Instead, Ms. McGill provides key information that you can use to retain the firm, handle the matter yourself, or hire other counsel.  As a result, the Firm charges $ for the initial consultation, which is applied to the retainer should you retain the firm.  

The Firm's hourly rates for its practice area varies.  However, the range is between $250/hr. to $500/hr.  The rate will depend on the complexity of the case.  Moreover, the initial retainer will be based on the estimated cost of the case.  However, the initial retainer is not a cap.  A variety of facts determine how much a case will costs, including, the actions of the parties and the court, the number of motions, the number of witnesses, and other factors.  



Ms. McGill decided to open five offices in the Atlanta area to make it easy for clients to meet with her.  The office are conveniently located in Roswell, Marietta, Midtown, Downtown Decatur, and Norcross/Peachtree Corners.

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